SONY XL-5300 Replacement Lamp

What is a SONY XL-5300 Replacement Lamp?

SONY XL-5300 Replacement Lamp is also known as:

XL5300 XL-5300E F-9308-870-0
XL-5300U XL5300E F93088700
XL5300U XL-5300J

SONY XL-5200 Replacement Lamp is specifically designed to be the replacement for the original lamp of the following projectors/TV:


If your current projector/TV appears in the list above here, then you will sooner or later need a SONY XL-5300 Replacement Lamp! it is often much smarter to get one in advance because the chances are that it will die right when you are watching the final of your favourite show.

Technical Information:

  • Product Model Number:
  • Equivalent Part Number:
  • Wattage:
  • Type:
  • Lamp Life:
6,000 hours (approximately)
  • Shipping Weight:
2 pounds
  • Dimensions:
12 x 14 x 9 inches

Product Preview:

  • Tell me why I should buy this product?

Consumers all around the world have to pay a considerable amount of money to own a projector/TV, especially when it comes from a prestigious manufacturer like SONY. However, not many know that the part that affects the quality image of their device is actually the lamp inside. Over time, as any other components, it will gradually wear out. When the lamp gets older and older, the dimness of the image will increase, and finally it will create the following issue when it finally snaps:

  1. Dim picture to the point that you can’t distinguish anything
  2. No picture at all when the audio still works fine
  3. Lamp indicator light blinks which signals that you lamp has burnt out
  4. The lamp just refuses to ignite
  5. There’s no lamp light up in the back of the TV

In those cases, just don’t bother to ask for help or do any research, because we have the answer right here and right now for you: It’s time to get a SONY XL-5300 Replacement Lamp.

Some people also hesitate when buying a replacement lamp, but don’t think twice, since it’s a MUST for your device to work again with the revived picture quality as good as it originally was when first bought!

  • What’s so special about buying it here?

Here you have all the information you need so that you end up buying the correct lamp for the correct TV! We don’t promise low price, we make it happen for you as we have searched the net already for you!

Coming to this page consolidates all the confusing information out there. So we can solve your prolem immediately. You don’t have to go anywhere else or surf through hundreds of pages on the Internet since in the end you will end up with what we have here but also alot of incorrect advice as well. So here you can grab a SONY XL-5300 Replacement Lamp at the lowest price possible!

  • How long does this type of lamp usually last?

Expected lamp life of SONY XL-5300 Replacement Lamp is 6,000 hours or 3-4 years. However, to be honest, some only reach 1,000-2,000 hours while some can achieve up to 8,000 hours or even 10,000 hours. So what makes the difference? It’s the way you use the lamp and your projector/TV.

  1. Avoid turning your device on and off and on and off in a short time, always allow 15-20 minutes between turning on and off
  2. Use it in long duration with fewer times rather than use it many times per day in short duration
  3. Say no to dust and dirt, always keep your device and its filter clean
  4. Never use bare hands to touch the lamp
  5. Avoid movement and vibrations as much as possible

By doing the mention above things, you will give your lamp a long and healthy life!

  • How easy and quickly is it to replace the lamp?

5-15 minutes is all you need to complete the installation process with a screwdriver!

What you’ll need:

-          A screwdriver

-          A SONY XL-5300 Replacement Lamp

-          Gloves, it’s optional but highly recommended

And now, just follow the easy steps below:

  1. Turn off your projector/TV, allow 15-20 minutes for it to cool off and then unplug the power cord.
  2. Wait for another half an hour since the lamp might still be hot and might cause injuries to you.
  3. Remove the door by pushing the clips
  4. Unlock the door, and then remove the second door
  5. Gently pull the connector attached to the ballast and take the enclosure out
  6. Prepare the new enclosure and slide it inside
  7. Put the door back in its place, secure the door

And that’s all, now you’ll totally ready to discover how this SONY XL-5300 Replacement Lamp can change your image quality! Be prepared to be amazed and stunned!